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The history of Paris dates back over 10,000 years ago. It was first founded during the third century by the Gauls. Today, Paris is occupied by more than 10.5 million inhabitants.  <a href="http://www contrareembolso”>Eiffel Tower seen from fountain at Jardins du Trocadero at a sun

Thousands of years later in 2012, Paris became the most visited place in the world with 83 million tourists.

Paris is known for being one of the most elegant and romantic cities in the world. Many dream of glimpsing at the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower, heading down to the Champ Elysee to see the Arch de Triomphe, or taking a walk around the Place de la Concorde or the Louvre Museum.

Paris is the symbol of both elegance and extravagance, with the city being surrounded by astonishing historic architectures and landmarks, as well as designer shops that have become iconic symbols of luxurious fashion that dominates the world today– through its homegrown luxury fashion and beauty labels such Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and many others. paris1

Living in the city of love and light will not be easy on the pocket, but naturally. Housing cost alone in Paris can cost around $4,400. Yet tourists still find themselves dreaming of being in the city of their dreams, and Paris remains one of the most visited in the world today.

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