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Moscow is best known as the capital of the Russian Federation. It was founded in 1147 by Russian Prince Yuri Dolgoruki, inside a walled city which was then called Kremlin. Today, the Kremlin stands as the center of Russian politics and remains one of the leading visitor attractions in the Russian capital.


Living in Moscow can be pricey as housing alone can cost you up to $2,800. Yet tourists from all over the globe remain attracted to the former Soviet Union capital.

Apart from the world-famous Red Square, another must-visit in Moscow are its posh shopping centers built of stunning architecture– The Gum, which faces Red Square, and the Tsum, which is right across the street. Both centers are known to be overly expensive, with price tags only the overly wealthy would acquiesce.

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And then there’s the O2 Lounge. Located at the 12th floor of the Ritz-Carlton, the place lets you dine and enjoy a scenic view of the city. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Kremlin and one of Moscow’s architectural pièce de résistance– the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, from O2’s famed balcony.

Tourists in Moscow must indulge themselves in the not-to-be missed in Wizavod. The Wizavod is a rusted train station which was beautifully turned into a series of galleries that houses works of arts as well as designer clothes, frequented by both the rich and famous westerners and Russians alike.

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