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What better way to spend your life than to indulge in the fruits of your strife? As tourists from all over the globe travel to the most exotic and beautiful destinations in the world, cities with burgeoning economies try their best to outdo the rest. While most countries bank on tourism for their economy, travelers scramble to find the best value for their money.


From the streets of Manhattan to the rues of Paris, to the undergrounds of London and the districts of Seoul, here are the cities that made it to the top of the poll.

Listed here are 10 of the costliest cities in the world, that, despite the name implies, tourists from different countries frequent every now and then. Exotic food, scenic views, unique and out-of-the-world experiences await travelers who choose to indulge in the best that the planet has to offer. While some of these cities boast of their rich cultures and traditions, others use technologic fusion to create the most breathtaking structures and views that could give a traveller the experience of a lifetime.


Although a lot of countries with rising economies have lately made it as the most visited places in the world, these cities still remain the most expensive and yet the most famed destinations. Cities like London, Paris, and New York remain a top destination to both the rich and famous and the middle-class and ordinary; as luxurious restaurants, lavish shops, and archetypal tourist attractions retain their appeal as inviting classic destinations. Travelers from both the rich and the poor countries of the world have set foot in these cities, and most of them keep coming back– for good reason.

Indulge yourself and find out what these cities have to offer.

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